OOO Innovative Сoatings

About Company:

OOO Innovative Сoatings is a company developing and introducing functional protecting coatings for petrochemical, petroleum and gas industry.

Company services are aimed at enhancement of reliability of the Customer’s facilities and equipment with further saving of their manufacture and maintenance cost, as well as reduction of expenditures for equipment repair and purchase.

Main activities:

  • Rendering consulting services on application of coating technique by various methods;
  • Selection of appropriate materials, process conditions to protect against corrosion, erosion and other types of facilities deterioration in petrochemical and refining industry by different methods (spraying, overlaying welding, applying paint-and-lacquer materials, heat-insulating and fireproof coatings);
  • Development and implementation of standard solutions for protection and strengthening of facilities in petrochemical and refining industry; organization, performance, coordination of production works on repair, restoration and protection of columns, heat exchangers, pipelines, drums and tanks;
  • Performance of studies and experimental tests of coatings in accordance with state standards and procedures;
  • Purchase of equipment, components, powder and other auxiliary materials.

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