OOO Engineering Association Insight

About Company:
OOO Engineering Association Insight has been functioning on the market of engineering services since 2005.
The scope of the Company activities covers the full range of services (EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction) in the field of process design solutions, automation and power supply for enterprises of gas, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and other industries.

Main activities:

  • automation;
  • engineering;
  • construction and installation works;
  • packaged  cabinet equipment manufacturing;
  • software and hardware complexes for monitoring,  integration and communications systems;
  • energy audit.


  • automated process control systems (APCS)   from local to dispatch levels;
  • automated information and measuring systems for utilities fiscal metering and technical record-keeping;
  • enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems (ERP, MES);
  • telemetry and communications systems;
  • engineering and safety systems;
  • access control and CCTV systems;
  • automated fire alarm and fire-fighting systems;
  • structured  engineering systems monitoring and control systems for buildings and structures;

Hazards and operability analysis (HAZOP) of design facilities is performed within the framework of solutions development for automation system.
Specialists of the Company make active use of technologies of such well-known brands as YOKOGAWA, Endress + Hauser, Emerson, PSI, Siemens, National Instruments, Honeywell, ABB, Schneider Electric, etc.

Design facilities are as follows:

  • Process units for the gas, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining industry: loading/unloading rail racks and units for commercial gasoline tank-truck loading; utilities control and measuring units; process unit air-coolers;
  • Gas and heat supply facilities: gas distribution networks; gas distribution substations, gas metering stations, gas distributing stations, boiler houses, etc.;
  • Industrial buildings and structures of various industries;
  • Buildings, structures and constructions  within the infrastructure of production facilities;
  • Warehouses of different purpose and warehouse complexes;
  • Administrative and amenity buildings and public use administrative buildings;
  • Civil engineering facilities, housing settlements;
  • Water supply and water disposal facilities;
  • Power transmission lines and power supply systems;
  • Social infrastructure facilities;
  • Buildings and structures, engineering systems and systems of facility preconstruction period.

Design and detailed documentation is developed according to the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 87 dated 16.02.2008, GOST R, requirements of the existing norms and rules, regulations and other normative documents applicable to engineering of construction facilities; supervision and technical support of construction facilities.
The development is performed by using CAD software, namely AutoCAD, AVEVA and other design systems with 3D modelling.

Construction and installation works:

  • construction of overhead power transmission lines, installation of the main and auxiliary equipment for transformer substations, AC power switchboards up to 35 kV;
  • construction of internal engineering systems and equipment;
  • installation of electric power equipment in central heat supply stations, pumping stations, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • installation of lead-in distributors, main distribution boards for production workshops, shopping centers and residential estates;
  • installation of switchgears and start-control gears, electrical appliances with frequency converters and soft starter;
  • installation of automated process control system (APCS);
  • installation of power consumption, water, gas and process fluid metering systems and units;
  • installation of structured cabling system of any complexity, fire and security alarm system, fiber-optic communication lines, CCTV systems, site access control management systems.

Switch gears manufacturing and supply

  • power supply cabinets (motor control center, distribution and metering boards, auxiliaries boards, power cabinets, etc.);
  • switchgears of low voltage, 0.4 kV and medium voltage, 6-10 kV (packaged transformer substations, distribution gears);
  • low-voltage cabinets (low voltage switch gears);
  • communication cabinets of automated control systems, communications and telemetry systems, etc.

Development and Implementation of Software and Hardware Complexes:

  • The software and hardware complex (SHC) SAMBO is a multi-level integrated automated system designed to perform tasks set to Engineering Systems Monitoring System. SHC SAMBO meets all the requirements for compliance with regulatory and technical documentation for Engineering Systems Monitoring System.
  • The SHC Protocol Communication System is designed to solve problems of the integration, interface, data exchange as well as transmission of control signals between process facility automated control systems, telemetry systems, database management systems,  utilities metering devices,  information and measuring systems of different manufacturers by using various communication principles based on open or special standards and industrial data transfer protocols in order to build up a unified communication platform for operating supervisory control, accounting and control systems.
  • The SHC INSIGHT is a software package to solve tasks of diagnostic monitoring, sensor data collection and processing, alarm signal generation, data visualization and their arrays management.

Energy Audit:

  • energy inspections of buildings and structures in various industries and municipal formations;
  • elaboration of an energy performance certificate and its registration;
  • elaboration of measures to improve energy efficiency and saving;
  • investment programs elaboration;
  • consulting in utilities metering, operation of heating and electrical networks, preparation of tariffs for utility consumption and supply.

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